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Kyzook Pro Quick Guide

Create your own mobile app in 30 minutes!

Creating your own app is easier and faster than you can ever imagine. Follow these quick steps and you’ll have an app to share with your customers and friends in just minutes.


Sign up for a free account

Click on the button “Get my own app now!” in our website to register for a free account for your business.

You can either use the Facebook Login (recommended) or sign up with your email. Facebook Login is a simple, one-button process and very secure – no password or phone number validation is required. All that is passed to us from Facebook is your email, name and picture.

You can also choose to sign up with your email, create a password. Enter your name in “Display Name” – this is the name seen by other users. We recommend using your real name and not a nickname.




Set up your expert profile

Once your account has been enabled as an Expert or Pro account, you can access the features designed to help other users more easily.


Go to your Profile settings in the Menu option in the top left corner of your screen.

  1. Tap on the default avatar.
  2. Tap on the Edit Profile link.
  3. Change the default image to your picture. We recommend using your portrait picture.
  4. Edit the About Me section. This will be displayed when a traveler sees your profile and invites you for a chat.
  5. Edit the Saved Questions. This is a list of questions you might want to save in advance so that you can choose quickly inside the chat rooms. You can prepare these questions in any languages you prefer by using the keyboard on your phone.
  6. Set the languages that you’re comfortable with. The choice of languages will be used to match with a traveler’s preference when they request for help.
  7. Tap on Save Profile Information button at the bottom. This is important!


When you are temporarily away from the phone or unavailable to help other users, switch the Busy Switch to On (to the right). This switch is in the Menu option. This will take you off of the available expert list on the user’s side.

Simply switch it back to Off (to the left) and start helping travelers who are looking for your expertise again.



Create Favorites

We recommend you set up several lists (folders) of your favorite destinations in advance, and quickly use them to suggest to travelers after asking them a few questions. As a Kyzook expert, your favorites will automatically show up as “Recommended” when users search for experts and ideas in those cities. Some examples of these lists are:

  • Authentic Bangkok Restaurants
  • Family Activities in Ho Chi Minh city
  • 3-star Hotels in Siem Reap, etc.

To do this, you create Favorite Folders and load them with Ideas. Ideas are fully integrated with Google Maps and Places to bring you 100+ million preloaded locations with details such as website, address, map, photos, and reviews. Select the ideas you want to Add and let Kyzook help you with the rest!


Go to My Favorites in the Menu option in the top left corner of your screen.

  1. Give your favorite list (folder) a name/title. For examples: Ho Chi Minh restaurants, 3-star Hotels in Siem Reap, …
  2. In the location field (“Enter a location or city’s name”), type in the name of your favorite place. As you type, we will use the “auto complete” feature to make suggestions. You can simply select from that list to show the location detail.
  3. Select the idea(s) you want to add to your favorite list (folder) and tap on the Add button.
  4. Your favorites will be shown in folders, on top of your Add Favorites screen, and in the Recommended list seen by travel communities around the world. In case you want to create more favorites in the existing folders, choose a folder and tap on “Add New Favorites”.If you want to have a quick review of the location before adding, tap on the “eye” icon in the top right of the suggested idea’s cover picture.
An easy screen-by-screen guide


Use the chat room

All interactions with users requesting help will be done in a private “chat room” fully integrated with travel destinations and personal trips. Chats can be done via text, audio or video calls.


To start a chat, a traveler is first matched with an expert using preferences such as category, language and ratings. Once matched, a ticket will be generated, and the expert will be notified through the app. Make sure you stay logged in (do not log out prior to exiting the app). The ticket notification screen is shown on the right. Tap on Accept to enter the chat room.


Text Chat

When you start typing, the list of the saved questions (from the Profile) will pop up. Choose from this list, or continue to type as normal.


Tap on the attachment icon, you will see a list of options as follows:

  1. DESTINATION IDEAS: You can attach a destination/location to the chat. This is similar to adding Ideas in a Trip. You can type in a location name and pull the data (photos, map, address, …) in from Google, or select from the Popular Tours, or a location nearby. After selected, that location will show up in the chat room as a thumbnail image with additional choices for the user (such as route, book a reservation, save to a trip).
  2. EXPERIENCES FROM COMMUNITY: Use this to access the experiences shared in the community by you and all other users. In this way you can share the personal experiences about certain locations. If you’d like, you can save your favorite experiences as Ideas in a Trip to speed up helping someone (more on this later).
  3. CAMERA/LIBRARY: This will let you access your photos and camera features to send photos or videos to a chat room. In addition to using Trips and Ideas to store favorites, you can use photo albums organized by location or some other category, and send them to chats more easily.
  4. CURRENT LOCATION: If needed, you can send your current location to the chat room. This would work if you are a tour guide or an on-site agent who wants to let users know your current location.
  5. IDEAS FROM TRIP: This is how you access all your favorite lists that you have saved earlier. Tapping on this will show you a list of all your trips. Choose one, and you will see all the Ideas saved. You can select one or multiple ideas, and send them to the chat room.

Video/Audio Call

On the top bar of the chat room is the video camera icon. Tap on that to call the other side. Once the call is picked up you will be able to have a one-on-one video call. You can then do the following:

  1. Switch to audio only
  2. Mute the microphone
  3. Switch to the back camera (to show details of the current location if you are an on-site tour guide, for example)


Share experiences

Kyzook is a community of travel passionistas who share experiences about their trips with each other. These experiences are the building blocks we use to help travelers customize their trips to perfection.


It’s very easy. Tap on Share experience, or + Experience icons throughout the app, and you’ll be able to add photos or videos, type a short caption and note, add a location and rating, and you’re done.



You can upload unlimited photos and videos either from the library or live snapshots.


The app will automatically detect locations from your photos or your current location, if location-enabled. If not, you can also type in any locations or addresses and it will auto-complete for you.


We use the following ratings for each experience you share: Pass it by, Ok if you have time, Cool, Absolutely awesome, and Passionista Must-see.


For each experience shared, you will receive points – how many points depending on the “quality” of the information shared (photos, videos, text, etc.). The points can be accumulated to help you achieve a higher level in the community, and redeemed for free trips and tours offered by Kyzook and our partners.