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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to bring my business on a mobile phone digital platform?

Mobile technologies are rapidly changing tourists’ and travelers’ behaviors and booking preferences. Over 90% travelers use smart phones while traveling. Static websites are not enough anymore to compete with the big players. Reaching customers on their mobile phones allows you to offer a new digital experience to your clientele and to increase your customer base catching opportunities provided by a fast changing market.

Isn't it hard to make a Mobile App?

We do it for you! It would normally take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a Mobile App and to setup a Server to handle the data. The Kyzook Travel ProTM platform automates the whole process and provides the on-going hosting and maintenance, so you can set up your mobile business in 30 minutes.

Isn’t Kyzook Travel Pro™ just another Mobile App and Tour Planner?

No, Kyzook Travel Pro™ is much more. It is a comprehensive mobile platform solution which enables Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, of any size, to be visible and active with their business in a fast developing mobile market channel, using innovative marketing tools, providing a new customer service/experience and increasing your customer base.

How does Kyzook Travel Pro work?

It’s incredibly easy!

  1. You sign up for a FREE Trial
  2. Set up your Mobile Business in 30 min, using an user friendly, web-based dashboard. You can personalize your business, add your logo and images, upload your tours with photos and videos, add special offerings, and customize trips for customers.
  3. You can register and participate in our Training Webinars for free, during which we will show you how to use the platform and maximize the benefit for your business.
  4. After trying it out for free, simply choose one of our affordable subscription plans and publish your business live on the
    Kyzook Travel Pro™ mobile platform, which enables you to improve the customer experience, exploit innovative marketing tools, optimize your sales and internal resources and increase your customer base!
  5. Invite your customers to download the Kyzook Travel Pro™ App, pre-loaded with your logo, tours and offerings, making it easy and rewarding for them to refer their friends.

How can I improve the Customer Experience using Kyzook Travel Pro™?

Kyzook Travel Pro™ provides you multiple channels to engage your customers, assist them before, during and after their trips, chat and answer them in real time or through a notification system, up-sell and offer them additional products, inform about promotions and special offers, update them about your business and stay connected.

How can I increase my customer base using Travel Pro?

Travel Pro offers you multiple ways to increase your customer base. Delight your customers with your outstanding services, then invite them to use the “refer a friend” feature and see your business multiply with repeat and referral customers. When your customer is travelling with a group, invite all of them to download the customized tour program itinerary via your branded mobile platform to multiply your clientele and potential follow on offerings. Moreover, you can participate in the growing specialist Kyzook online travel marketplace, offering special deals to attract new customers and make your business stand out.

How does Kyzook Travel Pro help me organize and optimize my internal sales resources?

Kyzook Travel Pro enables you to optimize your internal sales resources by setting a priority assignment protocol to engage with customers via real time chat and notifications.

How much does it cost to set up my Mobile Business with Travel Pro?

It’s completely FREE to set up and personalize your own Mobile Business on the Kyzook Travel Pro platform. When you’re ready to go live, select an affordable annual subscription plan then publish and start to grow your business.

What if I do not have time to setup and personalize my business on the Kyzook Travel Pro mobile platform?

No problem. We are here to help. We will walk you through the process via webinars and chat. Additionally, we can offer you a “Business Setup Solution” service and do the setup and uploading process for you to save you time for a one-time low cost fee.

How difficult is it to learn the many features of Kyzook Travel Pro?

We provide you with topic-specific short tutorial videos to show you how. We also have webinars and chat to support your specific questions. Kyzook Travel Pro is passionately committed to provide you with all the support, training and tutorials you need.

We offer you:

  1. FREE training programs and webinars
  2. FREE video tutorial library available online, where you can see real examples about how to set up your mobile business and use the different features
  3. FREE and ongoing technical and service support

How long of a contract do I need to sign up for?

We provide affordable annual subscription packages to make it easy for you to use our platform and grow your business.

How do customers pay me for purchases via the Kyzook Travel Pro platform?

Direct to your Paypal merchant account. All purchases and any sales via the Kyzook Travel Pro platform go direct to you and land in your Paypal account without charge or offset.

Will Kyzook charge any sales or transaction fees from my sales?

No. You keep 100% of all you sell. All sales proceeds go direct to your Paypal merchant account. Kyzook does not charge any sales, commissions or hidden fees. Use the Kyzook Travel Pro platform as much as you can and keep all what you sell.