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Press Release – Kyzook Travel ProTM SaaS Platform

Press Release – Kyzook Travel ProTM SaaS Platform
August 6, 2017 admin

Kyzook Travel ProTM provides a level-playing field for all travel service providers regardless of size

A new app builder allows travel agents and small tour operators to create mobile apps that enhance the customer experience and make travel more personal and unique.

Milpitas, CA: The world has gotten smaller. Opportunities to see the world – affordably – have increased, as well as, the ability to host and customize travel options for tourists and business travelers. Kyzook was a small company with a big idea. They wanted to change how people travel; to make travel more personable and rewarding. The team of travel professionals and technology experts believed that by putting people in touch with locals and tour groups that could make recommendations and provide support real time they could enhance the experience on both sides of the equation. This summer the company has launched a new Travel Pro app maker for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies that enables companies to create their own branded mobile app in less than 30 minutes for free.

“We created a powerful and flexible tool that travel agencies and tour operators can use to customize travel experiences and interact better with the traveler, their client,” says Henry Pham, CEO of Kyzook. “It’s robust and enables people to build functions that most travelers and smartphone users come to expect. Whatever you feel works for your business model, from loyalty programs, referrals and gift cards to the nitty gritty of managing the travel experience itself.”

The app builder allows users to add custom logos, a tour and services catalog, trip planners, interactive itineraries, mobile booking, and coupons. It is a mini travel site in the palm of the hand, with real time customer service, private messaging, and notifications. “We did all the work for our clients,” says Pham. “We even added analytics functions that enable tour operators and travel agencies to optimize strategies and make recommendations.”

Normally robust apps and services of this nature cost thousands of dollars to develop and maintain. Kyzook Travel ProTM offers zero set-up fees, starts from $79 a month to manage clientele all over the globe. Each subscription also includes training, support and hosting services. Businesses can sign up for the always-free Trial plan.

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About Kyzook

Kyzook is a full-fledged travel platform designed to ensure a quality beginning-to-end experience for travelers. Its powerful SaaS features provide a level-playing field for all travel service providers regardless of size. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, USA, Kyzook also operates support and development centers in Thailand and Vietnam.

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