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Kyzook Travel Pro for Business

for Tour Operators and Travel Planners

All-inclusive mobile
and web platform
small to medium operations.

Turning mobile into your competitive edgeTM.

No more static websites. No more losing customers to large competitors. No more stagnant growth.

Leapfrog competition

7 out of 10 travelers use mobile for planning and during trips. Over 1.2 billion tourists traveled internationally in 2016.

Strengthen your brand

Digitize your business. Modernize your brand. Attract next-generation customers.

Watch your business soar

Create new digital experiences for customers and communication channels. Increase repeat and referral business.

Meet customers on their smartphones.
Go all-in with mobile.

Your own mobile app that’s as easy to use as it is flexible & powerful.

Kyzook Travel ProTM has been intelligently engineered with performance in mind, coupled with our legendary attention to detail. The result is a mobile platform suitable for all levels of experience.

Easy to use,
flexible & powerful

A specialist app platform
with many configurable options

Robust features
designed for today's travelers

Cutting edge features
& attention to detail

Features and Details

Company Profile with custom logo & graphics

Kyzook Travel ProTM makes it easy to create beautiful screens with our new improved Screenbuilder. It’s super easy to use and comes with a host of useful features.

Tours and Services Catalog

Kyzook Travel ProTM lets you create unlimited number of tours and services for your travel company – day tours and multi-day tours with unlimited images and videos. Each tour also comes with a detailed itinerary fully integrated with Google’s 100+ million destinations.

Deals & Coupons

To promote your business, you can add unlimited deals and coupons that are also integrated with a robust notification system that gives your users a prompt heads-up!

Trip Planner for Groups

Planning trips with others has never been easier or looked as good! Add and discuss unlimited ideas from 100+ million destinations. Create and brainstorm itineraries with real-time chats.

Trip Journal and Interactive Itineraries

Share experiences with loved ones during your trip. Upload unlimited images and video clips. Change itineraries on the spot. Locate your trip companions on an interactive map.

Booking via mobile anywhere, anytime

All your tours can be viewed, discussed, and purchased right in the app. Add your Paypal merchant account in the Business Dashboard, and the money will come directly to you immediately! Configure your tours with unlimited options and prices, and the mobile shopping cart will let users pick and pay accordingly.

Real-time Customer Service

Offer customers real-time response when they need you and score that sale! Assign multiple sales and support personnel and set priority routing to optimize your internal resources.


Send instant notifications to all customers’ devices and let them know you care. Show off your special deals or when there are changes in their scheduled trips.

Private Messaging

Allow customers to leave you off-line messages 24 hours a day. Complete message history with unlimited users.

Easy Referrals

Make it really easy for your customers to refer you to their friends and family with one-click referral, and see your business multiply with repeat and referral customers.

Recommendation Engine

Improve customer experience with recommendations based on their preferences. Recommendations are made automatically on each screen for each product and service selected.

Management Dashboard

Kyzook Travel ProTM comes with a complete web dashboard to help the business admin easily customize various options, and monitor all activities.

Advanced Chats

Advanced chat capabilities on desktops for agents/consultants: multiple simultaneous chats, full product integrations in chat rooms for a more engaging experience with users.

Priority Routing

Multiple experts or sales personnel can be assigned from the dashboard with priority settings to best optimize all internal resources.

Social Sharing

Full social experiences are available throughout all features, allowing users to add to feeds and share with all popular social networks.

IOS, Android, Web

Kyzook Travel ProTM is available on all major platforms to ensure maximum customer acquisitions – IOS, Android and Web.

Cloud Scalability

The Kyzook platform is built entirely in the cloud with the capability to handle an increasing load on the system, and accommodate the growth of your business in the future.

We’re here to help!

We pride ourselves on professional and timely support. If you have any pre-sales questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an app?

Over 90% travelers use smart phones while traveling. Create new customer digital experiences of doing business with you. Your own app will strengthen your brand while maximizing repeat and referral business.

Isn't it hard to make an app?

It would normally take months and cost tens of thousands of dollars to write a basic app and to set up the server side to handle the data. The Kyzook Travel ProTM platform automates the whole process and handles all the on-going hosting and maintenance so any business can set up their own app in 30 minutes or less.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely FREE to create your own app, add a logo and other images, load all your tours with unlimited photos and videos, add any special offerings, customize trips for customers, and try out all other features on the platform. When you’re ready to publish to the marketplace and the world, simply choose a low cost pay plan suitable for your business.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

There will be no long-term contracts. Use our service month-to-month for as long as you find this mobile platform beneficial for your business. If you decide to cancel, simply notify us and we will refund the remaining prorated fund from the annual billings.

Are there any transaction fees?

We do not charge any transaction fees. You keep 100% of what customers pay for your products, which go directly into your merchant account (Paypal, etc.).

How many businesses can I set up?

You can set up apps for as many businesses as you want. There are no limits. You can customize and monitor all of them in one easy-to-use Business Dashboard. Choose a pay plan for each business you publish when you are ready.